Admin42Day is a Bahá’í-inspired effort. The managers of the site seek to share IT skills that will assist National/Regional Bahá’í offices and like-minded communities and programme to have sound references that will provide:

  1. access an efficient, easy-to-build, easy-to-operate, but feature-rich virtual server – the instructions and guidelines in building this server and its related applications are found along the top menu bar.

  2. development of reasonable office IT systems and policies as well as usage of the above server with its applications – these guidelines are found in posts that feature in the categories listed in right-hand column.

  3. striving for related improvements and a wider scope of applications – hence the site, hopefully, will undergo constant change with such improvements and additions.

This site welcomes like-minded persons to email comments to the web-master (webmaster -at- admin42day) for the purpose to post corrections and comments that will further these intentions.

Full harmony, however, as well as cooperation among the various local assemblies and the members themselves, and particularly between each assembly and the national body, is of the utmost importance, for upon it depends the unity of the Cause of God, the solidarity of the friends, the full, speedy and efficient working of the spiritual activities of His loved ones.”

– (Shoghi Effendi, Baha’i Administration, p. 23)